Saturday, September 15, 2012

Primitive Fall Acorn Candle Decor

This was a SUPER simple one! As I mentioned before I love fall, EVERY thing about fall. The smells, the colors, the foods, the weather, I could go on and on. This craft is so easy to make if you are wanting to add a little decor to your home during the fall and winter seasons, especially if you have an acorn tree in your yard. If you don't have access to acorns, no problem you can fill the jar with just about anything, another fabulous idea is to pick up a bag of un-shelled nuts (usually sold at grocery stores around the fall and winter seasons), you can pick out the ones you don't want if its a mixed bag and fill your jar! 

To Make: Things you need
Mason Jar (whichever size you want)
Acorns (or whatever you want in it)
Fill the jar with your acorns, wrap the top with twine and tie to secure, place candle inside, then ENJOY!! See super easy :)


  1. Great idea and one I plan to do and put on my front porch as I begin my Fall decorating! Thanks!

  2. Love fall decor! Here is some crafty fall decor from my etsy account that I would love for you to feature :)

  3. I love fall and all it's decor too! Check out my Etsy shop and my Fall/Halloween decor items, I'd love to be featured!

  4. You have a great blog! Thanks so much for offering to feature Etsy artists. Here is a link to my embroidery work that I would love to be featured: Biggest thanks!

  5. Cute idea! Oh, and I love your blog! It's so lovely and welcoming, and I'm very impressed that you've just started! Bravo!
    My blog has been 'resurrected' and my shop will reopen before the month ends...finally closing a hectic summer and welcoming a calmer fall! I would appreciate a drop by from anyone interested; :)

  6. Thank you for offering to host Etsy sellers! I am interested, and here is a link to my item:

  7. I love fall too!!! You have a real cute blog and awesome crafts tutorials! love it! :)

    aubzie and

  8. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments. Keep checking back, I will be working on the Etsy featured shops post soon!

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