Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Etsy Featured Sellers November Part 1: Gift Ideas For Girls and Boys!

This month for the featured Etsy sellers post I am doing a 3 part post! The three part posts will be Gift Ideas For Girls and Boys, Gift Ideas For Women, and Gift Ideas For Men. Take some time to view these talented Etsy Sellers Items and Shops!
Gift Ideas for Girls and Boys
Nursing Necklace / Teething Necklace, Colourful, Breastfeeding, Babywearing -  baby teether, mom jewelry
Couture Baby Girl Headband, Girl's Christmas Vintage Headband, Infant Red Headband, Baby Girl Lace Headband,Tutu Matching Headband
Crayon Roll Holder Organizer with Vehicles, holds 12 crayons. Christmas present, stocking stuffer, Birthday present
Boutique Flower Fairy - Girls Fairy Dress with tulle skirt - Custom made for Christmas
Koala kids crochet beanie
Lattice Pillow Pink Trellis with insert  18X18 inch
Fall Girl's Floral and Polka Dot Twirl Skirt, Sizes 3T - 6
Nativity Doll Set- Needle Felted Mary, Joseph, Jesus and Manger Childrens Waldorf Inspired
Thank you to all the shops for supporting the blog and making such unique items! Everyone keep posted for the next series of featured Etsy Sellers Post for November, gift ideas for men and gift ideas for women!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Die cuts for scrapbooking, cardmaking and MUCH more!

Hello All,

I just made a new listing on my Etsy Shop for Die Cuts! I love using these on my cards and want to share them with everyone now because the options are endless on what you can use these for! Please feel free to message me on my shop if you have a particular color, shape or size you are looking for, I would LOVE to do a custom order for you! AND all blog readers can use the coupon code BLOGREADER to get 10% off your first order!
Click Here To Visit My Shop

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Flowers From Plastic Spoons!

Flower Made From Plastic Spoons
I came across this idea while I was browsing different ways to make paper flowers and thought I have GOT to try this! The best part about this craft is that plastic spoons are super cheap and the colors are almost limitless.
What you need
1 Burning Candle
Plastic Spoons (Any Color, and at least 6, the more spoons the fuller the flower)
How to Make

Step One: Take one plastic spoon and sway it over the burning candle until it looks to start becoming droopy. (The closer you put the spoon to the fire the more of a burnt look you get)

Step Two: While the tip of the spoon is still hot (be careful spoon will be extremely hot) shape the spoon into the desired shape of petal you want. I usually pinch in the sides a bit and then make the tip fold outwards just a tad. (The plastic hardens quickly, so try to get the shape you want fast)

Step Three: Reheat the base of the scoop part of the spoon and snip off while the stem is still warm. 

Step Four: Repeat step two to the rest of the spoons and fuse them together one by one by heating the ends slightly and pinching them together.

Keep going around placing the petals where you want them
For this flower I used the ends of a plastic black fork for the center.