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About Alisha:
I am a Stay at Home Mom to my two beautiful daughters Aubriana and Payton. Aubrey is two years old and has SO much personality, she inspires me everyday to craft something in one way or another. Payton is my new little baby and only 1 month old, she loves her cuddles with me and is growing like a weed already! I am also VERY happily married to my wonderful husband Doug, who I could not imagine life without. He supports anything and everything I do and set my heart to.

I have been crafting since FOREVER. My mom was always crafting with me and my little sister growing up and as I got older I have always enjoyed creating something out of whatever I get my hands on. Crafting is literally my "zone". When I start any type of craft I get into this zone of creation and probably would not stop if it weren't for my children and husband needing things :) I am so glad that I can share all my creations with everyone that is interested, I truly hope that something or everthing on here inspires you to create in some way! Happy Crafting Everyone!

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  1. Wonderful people, wonderful blog! Am coming from your Etsy forum thread - am a passionate jewelry maker - here are things i make - they would love some attention and featuring in such a nice blog as yours!