Friday, September 28, 2012

Hair Bow Holder

I decided that with all the hair bows I've been making, I need somewhere to put them all where they are easily accessible, but cute too. I ended up making a bow holder out of a large frame.  It's a great place to clip on all sorts of bows and barrettes and it is SUPER easy to do.

What You'll Need:

22"x 18" piece of thin fabric
3 yrds of 1in ribbon
16"x20" frame
hot glue

  1. Take out the piece of glass or plastic from the frame and lay it on top of the fabric of your choice.
  2. Pull the fabric so that it's taut and glue the edges to the back of the glass/plastic.  Wrap the corners like you would wrap a present and secure with hot glue.
  3. Decide if you are going to hang your frame vertically or horizontally and then cut your ribbon to be slightly longer than the frame.
  4. Hot glue the ends of the ribbon either vertically or diagonally to the back of the glass piece, making sure that the ribbon has no slack in it.
  5. Once the glue is dry, place the glass back into the frame and secure it in place.
  6. Place bows and clips on the frame and hang up!

*I made mine to match my daughter's room so I used a piece of purple fabric with Disney Princess ribbon.  This would be very pretty with a nice looking frame, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I bought a poster frame for about $5 at Walmart.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Girls Hair Bows

I have decided to dabble in making hair bows.  My daughter is 5 years old and just started kindergarten.  I wanted to put all sorts of cute things in her hair, but I quickly realized that they were hard to find.  After looking online at some hair bow tutorials, I thought "I can do that!"  Feeling pretty optimistic I went ahead and ordered a bunch of ribbon and cute adornments for the bows.  I ordered everything from  because they had what I thought were great prices. 

What You Will Need:
  • Ribbon in a variety of colors and sizes (I used grosgrain)
  • String or thread
  • Clips or Headbands
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
Some Possible Materials You Will Need:
  • Bottle Caps
    • Colored Printer (if you decide to do bottle cap embellishments)
    • 1 in hole punch
  • Jewels
  • Faux Pearls
  • Large Beads
  • Silk Flowers
  • Ric Rac
  • Wooden Dowels & Clothes Pins (for curling ribbon in the oven)

There are SOOOOO many different kinds of bows you could make.  The possibilities are endless.  Because there are several ways to form the different bows, it is easier to see it rather than describe how to do them.  I went to and watched some tutorials on how to make some basic bows and then started designing and putting together my own creations.  Once you have the basics down, you can put together TONS of different styles by layering the bows on top of one another.

 What is more girly than a cute bow?!  I can't wait for my princess to see her new bows :)

How to Age and Antique Paper

Aging paper is one of the easiest things to do and the difference and character it adds to whatever craft your doing is huge. Since I love making cards so much, sometimes its hard to find the exact quotes or saying that I want on a particular card so it is super easy for me to just type what I want and print it out off the computer.


To Make:

Stuff you need:
Printed Quotes, Sayings or Phrases on regular printer paper
Brewed Coffee
Cookie Sheet
Paper towels
Distressing/Aging stain (optional)
Step One: Pre-heat oven to 300.
Step Two: Cut out your quotes (you can cut jagged edges to achieve the look like in the pictures here)
Step Three: Crinkle paper and place on cookie sheet.
Step Four: Pour brewed coffee over the paper, let sit for about a minute then sop up the access coffee with paper towels.
Step Five: Place in oven for about 5ish minutes until paper is dry and winkled looking
Step Six (optional): To give a more aged/antiqued look use aging paper stain around the edges.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Corn on the Cob Fall Greeting Card

Greeting cards are SO much fun to make. I love being able to take a plain white empty card and turn it into something with meaning. I was actually inspired to make this card because I had some scrap green, orange and yellow papers laying around and I had the "Harvest Plenty" stamp so I thought of the idea to make a corn on the cob to go with it on the card! It was a little time consuming making the corn, but I was so happy with the way it turned out in the end.
To make the corn on the cob embellishment:
You need
Golden Yellow, Green and White or Cream colored card stock papers
Glue Stick
Circle punch (small) (a hold punch may work too)
First cut a oval  shape out using your white or cream card stock paper. Then punch out a bunch of circle pieces using yellow and cream card stock. Glue the circle pieces starting at the bottom of the cob and layer them all the way to the top in a mixed pattern. Cut out a few green cob leafs and glue them around the cob to achieve the look (you can play around to where you want them placed and what you think looks best). When you are happy with the way it looks cut off a little of the bottom of the cob and fold over some of the cob leaf ends.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Crafternoons September Featured Etsy Sellers!

I want to take a minute to post some talented Etsy sellers and their items. If you have never been to Etsy I highly recommend it. It's a site full of wonderful people that hand make ALL different kinds of things and are available for you to purchase. Please take a moment to check out all these wonderful crafters and what they have to offer!

"Note: A BIG thanks to everyone who supported and followed our blog! I would LOVE to be able feature all of you in the blog post, but unfortunately it would be so hard for me to make that big of a blog post! Since the response on this post was so good I have decided to do a monthly Etsy featured sellers post. If I didn't get a chance to feature you this time and you would still like to be featured please, please contact via email (via contact us tab) for the next months feature post."

Candy Corn Inspired Pom Garland by Threading Marigolds
Crochet Pumpkins by ProchetByEAS

 Candy Corn Earrings by ginfish

 Embroidered hoop art field of daisys by atticusandcole

 Brass and Bronze Pearls Acorn Earrings by JacarandaDesigns

 Primitive Halloween Black Cat Wall D├ęcor by SweetMeas

 Three Strand Pearl Flower Necklace Assemblage by ModernVintageStudio

 Thanksgiving Scarecrows and Turkey Decoration by CarolinaYardbirds

 Autumn leaves necklace by kimberleeannkreation

 Red flower pillow beige set by juliasfit

 Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet by OrbObsession

 Autumn Fall Leaves Greeting Card by JessicaSherriff

 Pumpkin Orange Charm Bracelet by ChristalDreamz

Skull and Pearl earrings on sterling silver hooks by anacdesigns

 Black and Orange dog collar harness by UrbanOliveApparel

Milk and Honeycomb Soap by Bumblys

 Red Ocher Brown Crocheted ead Necklace by ArigigiArt

Ear Cuff Wrap Orange with Grizzly Feathers by RazzleDazzleMe
 Leaf Pin Brooch by ReGrowRoots

 Tote with Autumn Flower Design by LeLaStudio
PreMade Mini Accordian Album by TizzylishCottage

Crayon Art for a girls, craft or play room!

I SO wish I would have taken pictures along the way when I was making this craft, but since I didn't I will try and do my best to explain through words what I did.
This craft is a perfect way to add some decoration in a little girls room, craft room, or a kids playroom! This was actually WAY easier to make then it looks. There are a ton of things you can do with crayons and this is just one way you can use crayons for artwork!

To Make:

Things you need
Crayons (I used all the purples and pinks, but you can use any colors you want)
Paper flowers or Flower embellishments
Colored Card Stock Paper
Blow Dryer
Hot glue and glue gun
Step One: Cut the Crayons to the length you prefer. It is easiest to score the crayon all the way around and then snap it at the score line (I think it gives it a cleaner cut).
Step Two: Hot glue them all the way across the bottom of the canvas, crayon tips facing up.
Step Three: Lean the canvas upside down (so crayons are now on the top of the canvas, tips facing down) up against a wall.
Step Four: Turn blow Dryer on high heat, but low air flow and run it across the crayon tips until they begin to melt and drip (be careful because the crayon drippings are more "runny" then I thought they would be so it tends to splatter if you have the blow dryer to close).
Step Five: After you have your crayon drippings to your desired length on the canvas, allow the drippings to dry (only takes a couple minutes)
Step Six: Turn Canvas back right side up and hot glue your flower embellishments onto the ends of the crayon drippings. Cut out petals from your card stock and add to the "stems".
Step Seven: Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Craft Room Designs

Lately, I've starting crafting more and more.  When we moved into our house about a year ago, I had my craft supplies in a couple different places throughout the house, but then as I started buying more and more supplies I quickly realized that I really had to have a central location to get my work done efficiently.  I am a clutter freak and I do not like to have things sitting around the house for everyone to see, but at the same time I didn't have an extra room to make into a craft room.  Lucklily I had a nice open space in my dining/livingroom, so I decided this would be my new craft corner.  Since my craft area was going to be in the middle of the house, I knew that I had to make it look as cute as possible so it wasn't an eyesore.  Organization and a low cost were my major concerns in designing my crafting space.  As a one income family, I can't always go out and buy whatever I want when I want.  I worked with things I had on hand and ran to Michael's to buy some things to help spruce the space up a bit. 

~ My Craft Corner ~

Organization ~

I actually had all of the Rubbermaid drawer containers and shelves on hand.  I used to be a teacher, and when I returned home to be a SAHM I kept everything, so I was lucky in that I didn't have to buy any of the drawers, shelves, table, etc.  I organized each drawer/shelf into it's own category, i.e. fabrics, glue, pains, ribbon, yarn, etc.  Everything has it's own home in my area and to ensure that I don't get lazy on myself, I used a label maker to label each drawer and shelf so that I can easily find and put away all my materials.

Decoration ~

My decorations in my craft area are all things that I made.  Below is a tutorial on how I made them.

What To Do ~

Framed Spool - I bought a unfished picture frame (frame only) from Michael's on sale for 50% off.  I spray painted in with a black gloss finish. I also purchased an unfinished spool rack from Michael's and then spray painted in in a cherry red gloss finish.  I hung the frame and then used mounting tape to secure the spool rack centered inside of the frame.  As a finishing touch, I added my sewing spools onto the rack, spaced out to balance out the aesetics.

'CREATE' Letters - Originally I wanted to buy wooden letters and paint them to hang above my sewing machine, but as a last minute substitution I decided to try these instead.  I used an old box that I was going to recycle and made big box letters with a sharpie and cut them out.  I used some red yarn that I had on hand and started wrapping the letters using Tacky Glue underneath the yarn.  Once they were fully wrapped and the glue had dried, I trimmed off any access cardboard that was showing, and then hot glued a yarn loop on the back so I could hang them.

Bow Holder -  I recently ordered a bunch of ribbon wholesaled with plans to start making hair bows for my daughter and her friends.  I decided to make a bow holder to display the bows as they are being made.  To do this, I used some cardboard from an old box and covered it with a large piece of red felt.  I basically wrapped it like a present and then sealed the ends with hot glue.  To add some color, I added a piece of fabric that I had on hand that would match the colors I wanted to use.  I used hot glue on the back to secure the fabric to the now felted board.  Next, I measured and cut some black ribbon to put on the board diagnolly, to which the bows will be secured to.  I hot glued the ribbon ends onto the back of the board and then put a dab of hot glue in the middle of the ribbon directly onto the fabric to make it a little more secure. I secured this to the wall with mounting tape.

'SEW' Sign -  I found a cheap unfinished wooden laser frame at Michael's for about $3.  I also picked up the letters to spell 'SEW' for about $1.50 each.  I used the same paint colors that I used for the frame and spool rack to paint the 'SEW' letters and the laser frame.  I used one nail to secure the frame to the wall and then used tiny strips of mounting tape on the back of each letter to center it inside of the frame.

Framed Sign - First off, I would have prefered to have framed this in black to coordinate with the rest of the colors, but I used a silver frame that I already had on hand.  I printed out the sign in dijon color from the website and framed it in the silver frame.

Boxed Shelves with Jar Decor - I bought these boxes as an unfinished set from Michael's and painted them in the same black spray paint I used on the other projects above.  I also got two small jars that I got for $1 each and filled them with beads and buttons, to use and decor.

~ The Finished Result  ~

Monday, September 17, 2012

Please Welcome Our Crafternoons new blog Author Andrea!!

I am beyond excited to announce that my BEST, Awesome, Wonderful, Beautiful and Talented Sister in Law Andrea is now going to be my co-author here on Our Crafternoon!! Andrea is a great crafter, and addicted one at that. She makes some amazing crafts of all kinds and like me, does not stop thinking of what to make next. I hope (but already know) you all will find everything she makes just as great and amazing as I do!
We all look forward to your craft posts Andrea! Thank you so much for being an amazing sister in law, I know there couldn't and will never be a better one, and thank you SO much for being part of this blog! I wish we lived closer so we could craft all the time "together"!!

Andrea (left), Jayce (Andrea's Son), Kensley (Andrea's Daughter), Me, and Aubrey (My Oldest Daughter) 

Who said Halloween candy was for eating?!

So who really did say that Halloween candy was ONLY for eating!? Not I, so why not make a cute craft out of it? This craft was really fun to make, and I have to say mostly because I got to have an excuse to pop a "few" candy's in my mouth :) Love this craft because it's inexpensive, easy to make and makes great fall/Halloween decor!
To Make:

Things you need
Styrofoam cone
Candy Corn
Hot Glue and Gun
Ribbon (optional)
Needle Nose Pliers (optional)

First start by hot gluing the candy corns from the bottom of the Styrofoam cone. I used needle nose pliers to place the candy corn in place after the first couple rows because I found out the hard way that the candy is actually quite slippery and when you have hot glue on the back of them it results in blistered burnt fingers (ouch).
Just work your way up the cone until its covered. I used different colored candy corns to give it a different look, but you can do whatever you want.

Then to add a little extra decor I added a orange and black bow at the top! Super easy, just be careful with the hot glue!