Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Officially a Craftoholic :)

Ok...Here we go.

    So I have been wanting to do a craft blog for A LONG time now. I mean everything and anything I do for "me" time seems to have something to do with crafts of some sort. I have recently pronounced myself a craftoholic...quite literally.
I am obsessed with wanting to learn how to do everything that is a craft. My craft "spot" (now a room) started only a couple years ago when I got introduced by my mother-in-law on how to make handmade greeting cards. Well of course I started picking up little things here and there to make more cards like scrapbook papers, etc. pretty soon I have a whole bookshelf full of scrapbook papers, a whole desk full of stamps, another bookcase stacked with embellishments, and on and on. My craft spot that is now a room, shared with my husbands office spot, may be soon in need of more space if my addiction does not fade soon :)

Now my crafting addiction doesn't stop at handmade seems as though everything I look at a question like "hmm...I wonder if I can make that" or "I wonder how this is made" goes through my head. I literally want to make everything from working with glass, to wood, to fabrics, to you name it I want to make something out of it...hence the reason why I am starting this blog.

In this blog I am going to journal about what I make, how and why and hope that everyone gets to learn with me as I embark on a journey of learning lots of new crafts and techniques that I have on my LONG "need to make/learn how to do list".