Monday, September 17, 2012

Please Welcome Our Crafternoons new blog Author Andrea!!

I am beyond excited to announce that my BEST, Awesome, Wonderful, Beautiful and Talented Sister in Law Andrea is now going to be my co-author here on Our Crafternoon!! Andrea is a great crafter, and addicted one at that. She makes some amazing crafts of all kinds and like me, does not stop thinking of what to make next. I hope (but already know) you all will find everything she makes just as great and amazing as I do!
We all look forward to your craft posts Andrea! Thank you so much for being an amazing sister in law, I know there couldn't and will never be a better one, and thank you SO much for being part of this blog! I wish we lived closer so we could craft all the time "together"!!

Andrea (left), Jayce (Andrea's Son), Kensley (Andrea's Daughter), Me, and Aubrey (My Oldest Daughter) 


  1. Coming in on team Etsy following you and linked up an item but I don't care which one you might pick, CUTE stuff so far!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Great Items, Keep checking back I will be posting the Etsy featured post soon!