Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crayon Art for a girls, craft or play room!

I SO wish I would have taken pictures along the way when I was making this craft, but since I didn't I will try and do my best to explain through words what I did.
This craft is a perfect way to add some decoration in a little girls room, craft room, or a kids playroom! This was actually WAY easier to make then it looks. There are a ton of things you can do with crayons and this is just one way you can use crayons for artwork!

To Make:

Things you need
Crayons (I used all the purples and pinks, but you can use any colors you want)
Paper flowers or Flower embellishments
Colored Card Stock Paper
Blow Dryer
Hot glue and glue gun
Step One: Cut the Crayons to the length you prefer. It is easiest to score the crayon all the way around and then snap it at the score line (I think it gives it a cleaner cut).
Step Two: Hot glue them all the way across the bottom of the canvas, crayon tips facing up.
Step Three: Lean the canvas upside down (so crayons are now on the top of the canvas, tips facing down) up against a wall.
Step Four: Turn blow Dryer on high heat, but low air flow and run it across the crayon tips until they begin to melt and drip (be careful because the crayon drippings are more "runny" then I thought they would be so it tends to splatter if you have the blow dryer to close).
Step Five: After you have your crayon drippings to your desired length on the canvas, allow the drippings to dry (only takes a couple minutes)
Step Six: Turn Canvas back right side up and hot glue your flower embellishments onto the ends of the crayon drippings. Cut out petals from your card stock and add to the "stems".
Step Seven: Enjoy!!

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  1. I did this last week with the kids. The blow dryer blew the wax all over my clothes :( The pictures turned out cute though. I like how you made them into flowers.