Friday, October 26, 2012

New Etsy Shop!

Hello Everyone! Boy oh boy the month of October has been super busy in many different ways. As noticed I have not been posting many crafts this month at ALL. The main reason for this was because I was gone visiting family back in MI for 3 weeks while my husband was doing dermatology rotations all over the state. After we got back home I decided to get my Etsy shop back and running since I had not been able to do much with it since being pregnant, having a newborn, taking care of my two year old, etc. SO I finally sat down crafted more cards, took pictures of them, wrote descriptions and posted them. I hope all of you take the time to check out what I have so far. Some of the cards I posted tutorials about are on there for sale and all the Halloween items are on clearance. Hope everyone has a great day and has fun crafting away! The October featured Etsy shops post is in the works and will be up in the next couple days!

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