Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clothespin Christmas Card Holders!!

Today I spent the day making some super fun and addictive decorative clothespin card holders! The possibilities are endless on the designs you can make with these because it is made from patterned papers....and we all know paper is one of my Loves :)  They turned out great, I I plan on making lots of these since they are great for many different decorations or uses like:

1. Greeting Card Holder (Just run a strand of twine or ribbon down your cupboards, under your mantel, etc. and then hang the cards off it using these clothespins!)
2. Fridge Magnets to hold papers or notes! (just add a magnet on back)
3. Chip bag closures!
4. Anything that you can think of!

If you are interested in purchasing these decrotive clothespins you can at my Etsy shop AlishaKayDesigns